Good to know:

Legal non-citizens are increasingly under threat of deportation.
(a) do not get arrested!
(b) report any change of address within 10 days

Summary of the built-up pensions for all Dutch people and their next of kin are now on-line.

The Dutch government is very demanding of the exact format for the passport photographs.
Ivory Photo on 371 South Division, 2nd floor of the Mail Shoppe,  knows exactly how to do it right the first time (phone 734 668 8413).
Passport renewal requests need to be accompanied by printed return labels,  which can be purchased at a private postoffice at 2398 East Stadium Boulevard,
Ann Arbor (@Trader Joe Shopping Mall).
There are serious questions about tax and other financial issues pertaining  to Dutch Social Security (AOW)  vs. American Social Security.
There are several contracts between The Netherlands and the USA that protect  the finances  of Dutch citizens in ways that most local CPAs and social security officers are not aware of.
Contact Erik Zuiderweg for details.

Foreign citizens with American residency can still obtain college loans for their non-citizen resident kids through Federal Parent Plus loans.

Foreign citizens with American residency need to be careful to retain their residency (green card) while staying abroad.
It is difficult to get hold of the rules.
However, experience of someone who lost his US residency when studying abroad suggests you do:
(a) Keep a American address and pay taxes in the USA.
(b) one or all of the following
(i) obtain multiple USA reentry permit (blue book) (INS) at least three months before you leave
(ii) visit the USA at least once every six months

You cannot get money at a teller at a Dutch bank anymore. All is by ATM.

Dutch ATMs require that  you know your PIN,  ALSO FOR  A CREDIT CARD

Money exchange can now only be done at the Grenswissel Kantoren at the Airport, and trainstations in major cities. 
However, the exchange rates are a complete ripoff – GET YOUR EUROS in THE USA  or from an ATM (need PIN!)